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Nicole Zamani, CEO

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Tom Evers, Director Sales & Business Development

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Passionate about the individuals, team’s excellence and results. Focus is to disrupt the entrepreneurial landscape in the Nordics and globally to benefit the entrepreneurs the way it should be and not as is.

Bachelor Degree in Business Development and a wide background as an intrapreneur becoming an entrepreneur with practical experience from customer satisfaction, marketing strategies, sales and business development.


Track-record with previous objectives like identifying barriers and enablers, value propositions, positioning, segmentation, market profiling, growth and customer relations.

I am an early adaptor of almost everything - new technologies, products or services must be tried out asap. I totally love business ideas and people who are passionate about the things they do.


Master of Law and Bachelor of Sociology of law with more than 20 years of experience from start-ups and entrepreneur-driven companies.


My experience is mainly around packaging ideas and finding the first customers to find a business model that is working. I have also been raising capital for start-ups ranging from entertainment to technology. And I have seen both success and bankruptcy In the start-up scene.

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Ivar Johansson, CTO


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Nina Jansdotter, PR Manager
Licia Garcia, Community Chief Office


Maria Alegria, Content Team Manager



NTRY is the first digital matchmaking platform in Sweden that enables entrepreneurs to get matched to and interactively gain, share and apply for advice, investments and co-founders.
NTRY is developed by the Stockholm-based start-up company NTRY Group AB and the beta version was released with a free yearly subscription for co-founders match service in 2019. For more information, please visit: www.ntry.org or connect with us.