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Co-founders match, Online event accomplished

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Our co-founders match event online, hosted by us together with FemTech Sweden had 60 signups and 40 attendees, which is a great turnout. It should be taken into consideration, that we needed to rearrange the program for an online set-up instead, just one week before.

We want to thank the brave and inspiring pitchersYatwan Hui,Marlène Sellebråten,Anna Moroz,Kyoko Jansson,Tove Engvall,Lanay Bedaqueand our NTRY senior investment advisor,Kent Eliasson. They were all amazing and spread such great energy to the rest of us.

We really want to emphasize the pitchers drive; they are pursuing their dreams in rough times like this. For this, our pitchers will get a t-shirt saying “I´m looking for a co-founder, are we a match”. Perfect to wear when addressing your co-founders search. Let us know your t-shirt size, with a pm 😊.

/Team NTRY


FemTech Sweden

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