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Welcome to a co-founders match event!

Do you have a start-up or have an business idea and looking for people that possess the competence you lack or need. Or do you just want to start a business with others?  Then welcome to a co-founders match event in Stockholm 4th of Dec, powered by NTRY and Hive Workspace. 

Take the opportunity to meet others who are looking for co-founders and listen to or/and make a co-founders pitch. We also have a great offer for start-ups looking for a work space in central Stockholm. 

We will be on site, you can sign up a FREE co-founders match account and we will answer any questions you may have about NTRY. This occasion occurs in Stockholm. If you want us to organize similar events anywhere else in Sweden, just give us a hint by mailing us, to update@ntry.org. RSVP and read more at www.co-foundersmatch.com

The event is free but you need to RSVP.  Welcome /people at NTRY


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