NTRY Founders Battle

NTRY FOUNDERS BATTLE is targeting Swedish start- up and growth companies who want to take the next step on their entrepreneurial journey. On two occasions during 2023, we are organizing part-finals in selected locations in Sweden to introduce the applied and selected companies to pitch for a jury of experienced entrepreneurs and investors. The part- finals will lead to a grand final in Stockholm. Each part-final also offers a specific theme by an external speaker to share knowledge and inspiration.

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  • Participate in the audience.
  • Listen to inspiring speakers.
  • Listen to ambitious pitchers & Start-up ideas.
  • Take part in how investors think.
  • Participate in the audience vote. 
  • Finally, Network & Mingle.
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For: Startups / Growth companies / Turnarounds

Nominate someone you believe could benefit from NTRY Founder Battle or why not nominate yourself to pitch for your company?

  • Pitch deck – Get help with the marketing roadmap for your company to tailor the business objective to specific spectators & investors. Increase clarity in the mind of the potential investor.
  • Opportunity for investment/mentorship.
  • Opportunity to participate in NTRY Founder Battle & Pitch.
  • Opportunity to go to Tel Aviv for the 10-day investor Bootcamp (first price).
  • One-year free membership at NTRY
  • Visibility in the NTRY community of entrepreneurs/mentors/co-founders/investors

More information about how this could benefit your company when you click on the ticket.

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Whats the award?

1:st price: International program – Tel Aviv

A life time opportunity!

  • Study visits
  • Seminars
  • Accelerator WS/Trainings
  • VC/Investor meetings
  • Travel and hotel
  • 10 days

Positioning Swedish entrepreneurs internationally drives innovation, growth & global competitiveness. NTRY's initiative with United Spaces creates a program arena for learning, networking & addressing challenges. Let's explore new dimensions for future entrepreneurial success.

The differences in the international entrepreneurial landscapes shows that the effects of cultural factors, opportunity and innovation impacts on total entrepreneurial activity and established businesses, depending on the country's income level. The findings indicate that some country's cultural dimensions relate to entrepreneurial activity and established businesses.

“By glancing and engaging internationally we will learn more about our own culture dimensions and what is required to build a stronger entrepreneurial landscape, driving innovation and growth”, say´s Nicole Zamani, NTRY CEO.

"You can´t call it an innovation unless you take it to the market and run it into money," Bengt Järrehult.

NTRY initiative with United Spaces partnership merging investors and sponsors, with ambition to leverage the Swedish entrepreneur’s growth potential in an international context. Positioning Swedish/Nordic entrepreneurs internationally will benefit our global competitiveness but also define our regional strength. Our approach is to:

1. Educating the differences in the international entrepreneurial landscapes and how to adapt to critical key-take aways in building a successful business in Sweden and globally.

2. Creating an international program arena to benefit from network, case studies, learning by doing and confronting the direct challenges of raising capital combined with how to mitigate the toughest challenges.

“We do know that Sweden has a high entrepreneurial potential within innovation and given opportunities, but in relation to a low conversion, also referred to the Swedish Paradox in international GEM studies, we need to put an equation to it. We have a long go-to-market process in Sweden which is not to our entrepreneurial climate benefit. This initiative is our way of inviting ourselves to explore another dimension of our future potential”, Nicole Zamani continues.


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Final 2



Grande final


Our jury

We want to Increase the potential of successful and sustainable start-ups and businesses

Ali Farmandeh

Ali Farmandeh

CEO and President, THiS Group

THiS Coop THiS Group THiS Liv

“From LifeScience to LifeStyle”. Ali has been active in the investment and entrepreneurial landscape for 20 years, with the last nine years in the international market. As CEO of ThisGroup, he primarily focuses on industries and areas related to manufacturing/production of natural health and food products, including plant-based raw materials and products, but also takes a broader health perspective, including digital health services, cosmetics, CBD, and other lifestyle products. ThisGroup's latest acquisition was Posterton for approximately 70 million SEK, read more here.

Anna Tenstam

Anna Tenstam

CEO and Chairman


”For all Womenkind”. Anna has 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and investments in an international environment. She has founded and built several companies herself and has been through the entire journey from start-up phase to exit, making her an experienced CEO and board chairman in the international arena.

Robert Malmqvist

Robert Malmqvist

CEO, RPMalm Invest

Passionate about Turnarounds” With More than 20 years of entrepreneurship and 15 years of investing, Robert has founded companies and exited as a market-leading player. He has invested, scaled up, and exited companies in four different industries. His style of investment is mostly based on the confidence he feels towards the founding team, and he prefers to invest in companies he can contribute to strategically. Robert has won prestigious business awards like “Dagens Industri Gasell” three years in a row, and “Veckans Affärers Superföretag”. He also shares his long-earned wisdom by coaching and supporting startups, investors, and board members. For more info read about him here.

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The Audience Vote

Our audience gets a chance to weigh in with their votes.

Meet the Visionaries: Explore the NTRY Founders Battle Nominees!

Get ready to be inspired by the brilliant minds behind groundbreaking projects. Click below to dive into the world of our NTRY Founders Battle nominees. Discover their stories, innovations, and what drives them to change the game.


Partners, Investors & Sponsors

We are backing up the initiative


Initiator and concept owner


United spaces

Main partner

United spaces

Sue Ellen Invest


Sue Ellen Invest




This Group


This Group

Start up warrior of the year

The start- up warrior of the year isthe company that demonstrate astrong founding team, goodopportunities to reach its nextobjectives/vision and according tothe jury has that extra that makes itreliable investing in. It is a companythat can be strengthened by placingin an international context andgaining new perspectives on how tobuild a stronger company

Growth warrior of the year

The growth warrior of the year is thecompany that managed to getthrough its first years, with strongprogress and need reinforcement toreach its targets. This companymight be encouraged and benefitedby an international context. Theyhave shown a liability and capabilityon what it takes to either make anexit within a few years or scale up.

Turn around warrior of the year

The turn-around warrior of the year is the company that historically have had a strong business track record but due to market forces have been forced to face a turn around to survive or maintain continuous growth. This company might be encouraged and benefited by an international context. They have shown the capability to face and fight the required turn-around.


Criterias for the pitch nomination

We are happy to receive your nomination to the Founders Battle Pitching competition. This is a guidance to increase your success rate in the nomination process.

  • We do not target a specific industry or business but will reward ideas that have and can justify a clear sustainability focus - either ecological, economic or social. If you can relate to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, please refer to that.
  • We target three stages: 1) early stage start-ups, late stage start-ups, 2) growths and 3) turn-arounds, you can read more about the different stages referred to here (HYPERLINK TO START-UP STAGES)
  • You will receive a pitch deck, please follow the slides firmly and do not create your own slides. If any information is missing and you cannot retrieve for different reasons, describe the GAP/missing on that specific slide.
  • Keep the deadlines for submission since it´s interferes with the selection analysis process.
  • If you want to pitch but cannot on neither event dates please inform us, we have a Second Chance Selection window after October.


Is the 10-day Bootcamp prize in Tel Aviv affected by the current situation in Israel?

We are closely monitoring the situation in Israel. The safety and well-being of our participants are our top priorities. We will follow the recommendations provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant authorities to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all. In the event that the situation in Israel does not improve or if there are concerns about safety, we are actively considering alternative prizes for our winners. Your safety is our foremost concern, and we will keep you updated on any developments or changes regarding the prize and the overall event.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility during these uncertain times. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation with you.

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