How can we help?

We are supporting individuals taking the step unleashing their full potential on their entrepreneurial journey. Do you need guidance on how to kick-off your journey with NTRY, don´t hesitate reaching out to us.





"NTRY opens up the possibility for start-ups to connect with other individuals and they do it with their heart. You can feel that they really want to help you."

– Tove Engvall. Founder, Early stage fintech start-up.

“NTRY has helped Ellure to get into contact with a big player in the cosmetic industry in Sweden. We were able to learn a lot of insights from this connection. I definitely think that this is a very valuable opportunity!”.

– Selah Li. CEO & Co-founder, Ellure.

“It's encouraging to see an organization that is passionate about creating a more dynamic and innovative reality for society by facilitating necessary connections for entrepreneurs. After all, it is the changemakers who stimulate society's pace for progress, so we in turn are accountable for theirs.”

– Stephanie Mazzotta. Co-founder, Femtech Sweden.

“Team dynamics are central to the success or failure of a startup and a business in growth. More effort should be raised in this area since it´s so much to gain. That´s why we are proudly partnering NTRY, who are focusing on the individuals and the founder teams, a changemaker company that will have an impact on the future entrepreneurial landscape in the world.”

– Kent Eliasson. CEO & Founder, Arch nordic.

“Our members are start-ups and founder businesses in growth with dreams to fulfill - through hard work, bravery and passion”

– Nicole. CEO, NTRY.